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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Freezer Paper Snowmen T-shirts

My special needs students each made a t-shirt to wear at our annual Christmas luncheon/party held in our classroom. (see previous post about this.) This is a sample of one. They got to choose what colors and how they wanted to decorate their own snowman. The shirts took a lot of steps and many days because the paint or fabric glitter had to dry in between steps. They totally enjoyed making them. They are made by using the freezer paper method.
The first step was to cut out a snowman template using my cricut and freezer paper. I ironed on each template for them. (Didn't want them to get burned.) Here are some of the steps we did.
Each step was painted using the Soft fabric paint and then a washable fabric glitter added. This was my first time to use the fabric glitter. (It does wash up well. One of my student's mothers send in a very sweet note telling me how well they washed up.) The glitter we used was made by Tulip. You had to use a fabric Tulip bond first so the glitter would adhere. Here is one of my students enjoying his work!!
Here are a couple more of the shirts and then the group of my students proudly displaying their masterpieces.

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