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Monday, July 22, 2013

Porch chair cushions

I made these cushions for my porch.  I actually had the material bought last year.  I bought the chairs from a friend and painted them.  I love them.  Comfy!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wedding Towel Cake

A towel cake I did for a wedding present. The roses on the cake are actually soap petals.  Perfect!

Etched Wedding Frame

One of the gifts I did for my nephew by the groom's mother's request.

Friday, July 12, 2013


I saw this saying today and it made me smile!  Blogging is refreshing to me!!  Love that I can share my creativity with all of you!  I have met some great people through blogging!  Thanks for all your support!  When I see some negativity when blogging, I move on and think the person is having a rough time in their life and hope for a better tomorrow for them.  Thanks to all my followers and all that visit my blog!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bridal shower card made from doilies

This is a bridal shower card I made for my nephew.  The dress is actually made from three heart shaped doilies.  I added stickles and pearls.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Split Letter K tile cut from vinyl

Another split letter vinyl tile made for a bridal shower by request.  I love making them.  So easy and very quick.

House warming party etched wine glasses

My sweet niece moved to NC.  I am going to visit her and her lovely family in August.  I made her these wine glasses that are etched with their new address and giving her  personalized wine.  I'm also going to make up a gift bag for her small children with some Sparkling grape juice and plastic wine glasses.  I know they will love to help us celebrate, too!

Etch wine glasses for a wedding

I was asked to make some wine glasses for a wedding.  (Once again it is a pleasure to make special gifts for others and I LOVE it when I get paid to have fun!)

1.  Front and back side of the wine glasses.  This design was a little harder to do because of all the tiny little pieces that had to be removed from the dove.  I do like how it turned out..  Then I put the date on the back.

 2.  Personalized wine label

50th Anniversary etched wine glasses and personalized wine

A friend asked me to make her some wine glasses for a 50th anniversary party.  These are the wine glasses I designed for her.  (I love to be paid for having fun!)
1.  front side of the wine glasses

2.  back side of the wine glasses
 3.  Personalized wine labels

Bridal shower wine glass etching along with personalized wine

My nephew is getting married and got invited to his bridal shower.  I'm so excited for this couple to be.  He is such a great kid.   I made him a set of wine glasses by request of his mom.  I also will be giving him some personalized wine, too.  (Along with many other things once I get them finished.)

1.  Wine glass etching.  The groom's mother choose the design from ones that I had designed.  She liked the heart one the best.
 The date is on the back.

 2.  Personalized wine bottle

  3.This is the gift already to give.

Etching on wine glassessfor Retirement

A close friend of mine will soon be retiring from the workforce, so I etched a wine glass and got the retiree some personalized wine .  

1.  It was so much fun designing the wine glass for the retiree.It says:  "Oh happy DAY".

 2.  Also got the retiree some personalized wine, too.

 3.  The gift bag

50th Birthday Party with glass etching

My sister-in-law turned 50 today.  We threw her a surprise party.  These are some things I did for her.
    1.  Made cupcake picks

2.  Veggie Pizza with "50" made from a red pepper.

3.  Etched her wine glass and Personalized a wine bottle for her.

We had a blast helping her celebrate her milestone along with fireworks!  :)