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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Classroom Christmas Party 2011

Each year the American Legion Ladies Aux. host a luncheon/party for my students. We do all the decorating but they do the party. Our theme this year was snowmen. These are my wonderful students. This year we were blessed to have our homebound student join us!! What a surprise and blessing!! The students made their own t-shirts.

These were the placemats we made. This is just an example: They were decorated differently.

Before the ladies came we decorated snowmen cookies from them. I thought I took pictures of them but can't locate them. They were made from the white chocolate covered oreos and decorated with gumdrops. The tag that was attached to the package which we gave to each of the ladies read: Here is a Snowman smile...Since you always go the extra mile.



Here are some pictures of our table. I was so busy that day I failed to take close up ones of our projects. Each place-mat had a place-card holder made out of three candy candies to act like an easel with a snowman and their name stamped on the card. We had red and green candles that were donated my my sister/brother-in-laws store. Also each student was given a stuffed Frosty which also were donated from a dear friend and retired teacher of mine. All these special things make the day special. I'm blessed to have such caring family and friends.



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