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Sunday, May 31, 2015

House subway art

My nephew's wife asked me to do a subway art using their four children's names .  This is what I came up with.  :)   I think it turned out nice.  Its printed on a sage green burlap. 

Personalized Baby Subway Art Sampler printed on burlap

My nephew's wife asked me to make her a baby sampler for her six year old daughter since I recently made one for their newborn son.    This was designed and printed on burlap.  :)  

Painted Personalized Wedding Board

A customer order for a wedding board that was inspired from Pinterest.  This was a gift for a wedding.  And to my surprised the bride actually sent me a personal thank you even though I didn't know her.  That was so nice of her.  The lighting on this picture is poor.  It was done in their wedding colors.     This board is all painted.                                                                                

Corgi decal

Customer order for a corgi decal for her computer!!!

Personalized Vinyl sign for a place of business

This was done for a business.

Bad @&& Girl decal

A customer wanted this made.  This is just the decal which still has the transfer paper on it so you see the bubbles in the windows.  The customer hasn't applied it yet.  :)  

Bicycle Car decal

Look at these cute bicycle I did for my vehicle.  I love to bike!!!  

Personalized Bicycle decals

My husband and I love to bike.  We recently got new bikes so I personalized them.  I put pink bicycle decals on mine.  I also did my helment, too.   On my husband he asked for a wolf.   

Personalized Tshirt using HTV

My daughter requested me to make a Tshirt for her with the word Doctor on it.   She did her research on salamanders thus the salamanders on the shirt.  She received her PHD in biology.  

Personalized gift bag

A personalized gift bag , that I made for our daughter when she received her doctrine.  :) 

PHD "tree" centerpieces

These are centerpieces I made using  "tree" centerpieces that held three candles.   Our daughter got her PhD in Biology and did her research on salamanders.   There was a salamander at the base of the tree on the moss.  The stones were personalized using vinyl for her.  They said a variety of sayings/words.   I do not have a close up of the entire tree.  sorry.  :( 

"See you later alligator..." subway art board

Subway art I painted for my daughter.  It is painted using vinyl as stencils and lighted distressed. 

Floating subway art graduation frame

This is the subway art I designed and created for our daughter who recently received her PhD.  We are so super duper proud of her!!  What an accomplishment. 

College Graduation Card

Our daughter graduated with her PhD in Biology.  This is the card I made for her.  

Chocolate diplomas

Diplomas made from chocolate with pretzels rods that I made for our celebration favors.

HTV "fishing" pillow cases

I made these pillow cases for my son.  I used HTVinyl.  Now he can sleep dreaming of fishing.  :)

Angel Ornament

A family member's their little baby girl, Angel Marie earned her wings way too soon.   I made this ornament for them!  :(