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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Side Step Dresser Card

Maybe I'm hooked on side step cards since they are 3D. I just had to make another one after making the baby one in the earlier post. I used several ideas that I saw on pinterest, again. I saw this dress but had to modify it to fit my card and made a wire hanger for the dress too. The lady who got it was thrilled.

Baby dresser side step card

This was my first side step card. I saw this idea on Pinterest. It was from this site. I didn't use the same punches that she used because I didn't have it. I used a EK label punch for my dresser. I also embossed my dresser and then layered it onto the card. A good friend of mine, Katie, gave me the SVG cutfile for the crib. I've used that many times. I inked the edges with a baby blue ink. This card was made for an upcoming baby shower. a href="" target="_blank"><

Ribbon Bridal Dress

I made this wedding card using ribbon for the dress. I just twisted and turned the ribbon and when done added pearls. I like how it turned out. This is my first try and have already got request to make some to sale. I saw this idea on pinterest and thought I would see if I could give it a try.


I made this baby Album inspired by Kathy's Occasions Folio for my niece for her first baby. She is having a baby boy. It was so much fun to make. And my niece is one special lady and will me a wonderful mother. The entire album is made from chipboard and cardstock or paper. Amazing. The flowers on the covers were ones that I made myself. I love how they turned out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Diaper Carriage

A very special niece in my life is having her first baby! We are so excited for her. She is having a boy. Here is one of the many things I made for her. Its a baby carriage made completely out of diapers. I think it turned at so cute.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Operation" Get Well Card

Recently a close friends daughter had to have an emergency surgery for appendicitis. Ironic as this is, my niece's husband did to on the same day. What a day to remember. I made this card very quickly so I could get to the hospital in a hurry. Glad to report they are both doing fine.

Monday, March 5, 2012

March's(St. Patrick's Day, Rainbow, Airplane) bulletin boards

These are two of the bulletin boards I made for my classroom. The "Over the Rainbow" one is for their wonderful work and they get to earn a prize with their papers. The "Sky's the Limit" one is for the sticker charts. Both boards are motivators and they sure do work!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss is Back

Our school does the Read Across America during Dr. Seuss's Birthday week. I made these to use as name tags for a fellow co-worker. I made these using the fabulous features on my new baby, Cameo. This was my first project using the image, trace, and cut feature. It was a learning process but I so understand it so much more. Glad I offered to help her out because it made me learn the different features on this great machine.


Here is the box my baby arrived in!! Can you guess what it is? Don't cheat and look at the other picture. I'm so excited!!
........ My hubby always surprises me with something for Valentine's Day. This was a great surprise!! I did know it was ordered but the surprise when I got home from work and the baby was waiting for me to open the door for her. It works so great too. It doesn't compare to the Cricut. It makes so much neater and more detail cuts. It also does 1000000 things more too! I'm still learning more about it and love love it. I love the fact I don't need to buy another cartridge and can create anything I want. So glad he thought I needed it!!!..................................................

Messy Scrap Room!!

Here is a look at my messy scrap haven space. As you can see, I've been busy creating (A MESS)!! lol The floor is just as bad. Its almost time to clean my space up. But have a few more things to do and then by the end of the week I'll clean and reorganize! Promise.

February/ Frog Bulletin Boards

I'm a little late in posting this but been extra busy trying to get my students prepared for the state tests. Here are the bulletin boards I did for February. They can be used for Spring, too if you just remove the hearts. My teacher's aide loves frogs so this month was dedicated to her with LOVE!! The students loved them. The background paper on one is crinkled to make it look like the deep blue water.