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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alter Clock

I altered this atomic clock for my daughers husband. It shows them and their pets. I used Cricut vinyl for it.

Bride's Survival Kit

I made this for my daughter's best friend from highschool for her bridal shower. I altered a small lunch box and put things inside with a saying attached.

The tags attached read: A Lollipop:
to help you lick your
problems – no matter how
many there may be.

A Snickers Bar:
to remind you that laughter
the best medicine.

A Paper Clip:
to help you hold
it all together.

to dry up your
parents tears when
they give you away.

Safety Pins:
to help you ‘pinpoint’
your problems, the better
to solve them.

Lip Gloss:
to be ready for
that BIG KISS!

Fingernail File:
to fix the ‘snags’ you
find in your relationship.

A Snickers Bar:
to remind you
that laughter is
the best medicine.

to help you
stick together.

A Lifesaver:
to keep you from drowning
in everyday problems.

A Lemon Drop:
to remind you that “when
life gives you lemons, you
make lemonade.”

A Penny:
to give you extra ‘cents’
to know which battles are
worth fighting & which
are better ignored.

Tootsie Roll:
to help you roll
with the punches.

to remind you that
you are worth a mint
to each other.

to remind you that
everyone makes mistakes.

Sewing Kit:
to sew up those loose
ends before they
become big problems.

Antibacterial Gel:
to get rid of anything
that may contaminated
your relationship.

Note Pads:
to remind you to leave
love notes for Jeffery.

Money wallet

This was a wallet I made for my mother to put money in it. I cut it out with my cricut and added some bling like flowers and jewels. I added some wedding pictures too for her.

Stamped Coasters

I bought these 4 x 4 unglazed tiles from Lowes at $0.28 cent a piece. I actually bought an entire box of 80. I made sets of four for gifts and my sister did, too. They were very simple to make and turned out so cute. I used Stazon ink and stamped a tree or vine on each of them. Then use words like: welcom, happiness, giggles, adorable, wonderfu, etc. All the stamps were from Stampin Up! I love that company. Then sealed them with Modge Podge and four coats of acrylic spray. One note: after you stamp it and you didn't like how it turned out or if it wasn't straight you can immediately wash it off before it dries and start over. I made sets of four and put a ribbon around them and they looked so nice.

Photo Coasters

I made these coasters for Christmas 2008. I printed out the picture using a laser printer. On a 4 x 4 "unglazed" tile that I bought from Lowes, I put a layer of Modge Podge on it. Then cut the picture to fit and placed the picture face down on the wet Modge Podge. I let it dry. Then dampen it and slowly and very slowly rub off the back of the picture. You have to be very careful not to rub too much. And if you do you can just wash off the tile and start over. Then put a layer of Modge Podge on top and four coats to spray acrylic found in the craft department of Walmart.

2008 12 x 12 TILES

I used 12 by 12 floor tiles I purchased from Lowes and use vinyl to put on the words and image. I did the bicycle one for my sister, fish one for my son, and Life one for my aide.

Tree inside a bulb.

I made these ornaments last year and my sister loved them so i showed her how to make them this year. She made 13 of them. I only made 3. I used the MS punch to make the tree. It was time consuming but worth it. Beside the trees I put either a dog or a cat depending on what pet they had.

"Honeymoon" Bulb

My daugther and husband went to Cahunita, Costa Rica on their honeymoon. I wanted to make them an ornament for their first Christmas. My sister thought of the idea of putting palm trees inside. I made the tree with with floral wire, brown raffia ribbon and palm leaves cut from Life is a Beach cartridge. Since they bought a hammock on their honeymoon I decided to put a hammock in it. Their are two sets of flip flops to represent them. REal sea shells were used too. Then I etch the back with Cahunita, Costa Rica, 2009.

The last bulb shows when I put the etching cream on it. It looks strange I know. LOL

Glitter Bulbs

These bulbs were made with Pledge floor wax and glitter. You take a clean glass bulb. Coat the inside of the bulb with floor wax and drain out all the extra wax. Put MS glitter in it and shake around. Pour out the extra. That is all there is too it. Then use vinyl to decorate with initials or words or symbol. Put a pretty bow on it and you are done!! What an easy project. I had my students at school do this too. I used the cheaper glitter and it turned out great too. They loved doing it.

Life's Saying Board

I helped my sister make this board for a Christmas present. This was her first time crackling a board. She did an awesome job with it. I cut the letters and placed them on the board for her. She was busy with other projects. Then she sealed the board with Modge Podge and then several layers of acrylic spray. I think she decided to keep it for herself since it turn out so nice.

Berkey Name Plague

This is a name plague I made for my daughter and her husband for Christmas. I put two turtles on it too. I took this picture before I decided to do it. The words are done in her wedding colors. I cracked the board too. They loved it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Freezer Paper Tees and More

I did these t shirts using the freezer paper tees. I cut the design on my cricut in the reverse mode out of freezer paper. I used my iron and ironed it onto a t-shirt. Then used soft paint and waited until the paint dried. Peeled off the freezer paper and there it was!! Loved making these too. I did the bike ones for my husband and I and the MR. and MRs. ones for my daughter's bridal shower. I also put their monogram on pillow cases, too.

Abby's towel cake

This was the towel cake I put together for my daughter's wedding. One side was the groom and the other side was the bride. It was cute. Her wedding colors were blue and green.

Abby's Address Book

I made this address book for my daughter's bridal shower. I included all the addresses we send wedding invitations too.

Sock Rose Bouquet

This is a rose bouquet I made out of baby socks for my Niece Holly's baby shower.

Wedding cards

A few wedding cards I made.

Johny's Graduation Card

My first graduation card done in school colors.

Baby cards

These are a couple of baby shower cards I made.

Gamasol Technique Cards

I've just started a new love and addiction! - Making Cards. I am loving it. These were my first ones I made using prisma pencils and the mineral spirit technique. It took me some time to figure it out and I'm just learning how to shade them.