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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bride's Survival Kit

I made this for my daughter's best friend from highschool for her bridal shower. I altered a small lunch box and put things inside with a saying attached.

The tags attached read: A Lollipop:
to help you lick your
problems – no matter how
many there may be.

A Snickers Bar:
to remind you that laughter
the best medicine.

A Paper Clip:
to help you hold
it all together.

to dry up your
parents tears when
they give you away.

Safety Pins:
to help you ‘pinpoint’
your problems, the better
to solve them.

Lip Gloss:
to be ready for
that BIG KISS!

Fingernail File:
to fix the ‘snags’ you
find in your relationship.

A Snickers Bar:
to remind you
that laughter is
the best medicine.

to help you
stick together.

A Lifesaver:
to keep you from drowning
in everyday problems.

A Lemon Drop:
to remind you that “when
life gives you lemons, you
make lemonade.”

A Penny:
to give you extra ‘cents’
to know which battles are
worth fighting & which
are better ignored.

Tootsie Roll:
to help you roll
with the punches.

to remind you that
you are worth a mint
to each other.

to remind you that
everyone makes mistakes.

Sewing Kit:
to sew up those loose
ends before they
become big problems.

Antibacterial Gel:
to get rid of anything
that may contaminated
your relationship.

Note Pads:
to remind you to leave
love notes for Jeffery.

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