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Saturday, December 19, 2009

memory vase

I etched a vase for the groom in memory of his mother. The words etched on it were:
"In loving memory of my mother, this rose blooms as a symbol of a life and love remembered Love, Daniel. The back side was the date. It turned out very nice. The groom really appreciated it. He got teary eyed when he saw it.


Anonymous said...

How did you do this and get all the letters to turn out - I'm having a hard time getting the letters to lay nice on a curved surface.

scrappingjoy said...

It was very hard and it took me forever. In fact all day. I had to cut it out and recut it because it would be too big or rip or whatever. then to place it on took forever. Yes, it is so hard to get it to go around a curve. It literally took me about 4 hours to get the letters on. I had to cut some to get them to go around the curve. It takes patience. If you take your time and cut lines into the word but not too far and then you can get it to curve. Kind of hard to explain but take your time and you can do it.