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Friday, January 4, 2013

Vacation, vacation, vacation Planning for 2013

Dear Bloggers, Now is the time to start planning for your vacation for 2013! I have looked into many options but can't decide where or what activities that I would like to go or do! Does any one have any suggestions? Where was your favorite vacation that you took? It could be for a week or two? In the country or out? I'd love to see pictures. I love nature , hikes, camping, and history. Please post any suggestions!! Thank you!!


Kathryn said...

My husband and I go on a vacation every year around our anniversary. I have to say my favorite was the one we took on our first Anniversary. We went waterfall hunting in South Carolina. There are around 800 waterfalls in the area where we went, the border between it and North Carolina, and we even came across some on the side of the highways we drove. It was so fun, and we got a myriad of beautiful shots.

scrappingjoy said...

Thanks Kathryn. That sure does sound like an awesome vacation. We actually did that in the North Caroline Mountains.