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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thank you

Now that we are in a new year I just want to thank all my faithful followers and lurkers. It means so much to me that you visit my blog. Thanks followers, friends, family, and "strangers". I'm hoping to update this blog soon. I've just been busy and have ignore my blog. Shame Shame on me. :) I have many things to post that I have just finished (however can post all since they haven't been given yet :)) Don't want to spoil the surprise of those who are fortunate in receiving my creations. I can't believe how busy I have been at work, preparing for an upcoming crop, and planning our vacation. At this point it looks like Maine, Michigan, or Canada destinations are on the list...but you never know for sure where we will end up. I do know we want to visit new areas to see all of God's beautiful creations in nature. We love to hike, cach, and explore areas. Since we have snowy weather and ice I think i'll have the time to get on here this weekend. Crossing my fingers.. Thanks again for visiting my blog!!! Love all of my bloggers!! :) />

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