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Saturday, August 27, 2011

MyMemories Digital Software Giveaway

OH MY.. I'm so EXCITED and Honored to be given this awesome digital scrapbooking software to giveaway. This is my VERY First Giveaway and I am totally EXCITED. It is an awesome scrapbook software. It is very simple to be entered into the giveaway. You need to follow these simple steps.

1. Become a follower of my blog if you aren't already. I love to share my projects, etc. with you. Let me know by commenting below.

2 Go visit MYMemories site and look at all their awesome digital paper and choose your favorite. You need to enter this code on their site. STMMMS51645 Then come back tell me what your favorite digital paper pack or layout is.

3. Don't forget to leave me a way to get a hold of you, just incase you are the lucky winner of

4. If you fall in love with it like I did be sure to use this code for your special deal: STMMMS51645

I have just started to dabble into digital scrapbooking. Its fun and so cool to do. I did the following page very quickly. I wanted to get this post up so you can start looking at this awesome program. I think its fun to do digital scrapbooking plus add touches of traditional scrapbooking to the pages, too.

Here is another one I did with a favorite photo of mine!!

Good Luck Everyone! Only one entry per follower, please. A winner will be picked on September 11.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Homeworkopoly Bulletin Board

I found this idea on the net many years ago. Check it out here. My students get to roll everyday if they have their homework done. Everything day they either don't get to do anything or get something positive. It could range from a free sticker on their chart, lunch with the teacher, or even write with markers for the day. It is a great motivator to get their homework done. I've used this for about 10 years now. I love it and they love it.

Right beside it is the class calender. I took this picture before I added the special events for everyday.

Good Work Bulletin Board

Here is one of the many bulletin boards I did for the beginning of this school year. This one is changed monthly and its for all their GREAT work that they do in my classroom. They are so proud of their accomplishments and so am I. They deserve a place to display their work/papers!!!

The coloring is a little off in this picture. The papers are suppose to be green like an apple but they look blue here. You know what they say: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!!

Sticker Chart Bulletin Board

I reward my students with stickers for varies reason and here is the Bulletin Board they use to put their stickers on. Once they get a 'bingo' they can a reward/prize! It really is a great motivator!!!

Welcome Back to School Hall Bulletin Board - All the Buzz...

I totally enjoy making bulletin boards and just adopted the large hall bulletin board as my own. It is the one that you see immediately as you come into the school.

School folders with vinyl

I always decorate folders for my students to take home their papers in. This year I got these smiling faces folders and used striped vinyl and put their names on them. I love how they look like they were bought that way!!! They loved them!! I have such sweethearts in my room. These are only a few of them.

Interlocking Wedding Cards

We have two wedding to go to in September so made these cards to go with the gifts. It was wedding summer for us!! Oh I love weddings and had fun making all the gifts. There is LOVE IN THE AIR!

I've made these cards before and just love how they look. So as the saying goes: Why fix something that isn't broken. :)

To make these cards, cut a white piece of paper 10 x 7. Score at 2 1/2 from both ends of the 10 inch. side. I then embossed this white card while it was folded. Cut hearts at 2" from the Cricut Sweetheart Cart. I cut the scalloped heart from black and from white paper. Then I cut the solid heart from black and white too. I embossed each of these hearts. The bride heart is embossed with a swirl design and the groom one is embossed with a diamond design. I added stickles and pearls to the bride's one. The grooms I cut a slit down and folded a small triangle shape to make it look like a tux. I added black gems and a bow tie. I made the bow tie using my Bow Easy. So simple to do. I then placed these on the card so that they would interlock. I stamped the bottom of the card while it was closed with a SU Congratulations stamp. The inside sentiment was printed off the computer and layered onto a black sheet then attached to the card. I made my envelopes using my MS score board. Love that board..I also embossed the envelopes, too.

Sympathy - Big Buckle Card

This was my first Big Buckle Card.

This is when the 'buckle' is undone.

This is the inside. I printed the sentiment from the computer.

To make this card I used a standard A2 sized card. 4 1/4 by 5 1/2. I then cut off an one inch strip from the front which I used as the buckle. I used the SU small oval punch to make the buckle window. I cut a sheet of print paper a little smaller than my card base and glued the buckle behind it before securing it to the back of the card. I then use my nestablilies Label die to cut two layers for the flower base. I embossed the white layer with the Swiss Dot folder. I then used the three step SU owl punch to make the tulip. Yes, I use the tulip punch to make the flower. It was so simple and I love love it. I use 3 D dots to make the flower stand out after inking the edges. I use a 2 inch circle punch to make the leaves and inked those, too. I added a bow and stamped the inside with a sympathy sentiment from a SU stamp set. Love love SU stamp sets and punches. Also their Card stock is to die for.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eutsey Name Board

My niece is getting married this fall. I etched her two champaign glasses with their names, a heart and two doves from the Cricut Wedding cart. I welded them together. I also put their wedding date on the opposite side. I took the picture with a piece of brown paper inside so that you could see the etching easier.

I also made her this name board. I used the font Bookman Old Style for their last name and the font CAC Pinafore for their first names. I used the curly thing from Cricut Accent Essential Cart and the numbers I used the font on Cricut Printing 101 Cart. The butterflies were cut from the Gyspy wandering cart.

I made this card too. It is made from a SU punch and a friskar punch for the edge. I also stamped the inside with a SU set, too. Her flowers are sunflowers.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Nature" T-shirts

Had a fantastic time with my nephew and his family. They have an amazing family!! Love those kids. I did a craft with them. We made freezer paper t-shirts with their names on them and then hiked to get some leaves to put the print on them. We all had a blast doing them. Here are some pictures!! Its a great easy project to do with kids.

this is the oldest girl picking off the freezer paper from her name.

Here are the shirts finished.