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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Side Step Dresser Card

Maybe I'm hooked on side step cards since they are 3D. I just had to make another one after making the baby one in the earlier post. I used several ideas that I saw on pinterest, again. I saw this dress but had to modify it to fit my card and made a wire hanger for the dress too. The lady who got it was thrilled.


CraftinGranny said...

And thrilled she should have been. This is definitely one creative project. In fact, after perusing your blog I love all your unique projects. The diaper buggy is really adorable.

Thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a follower. When you have time would you mind letting me know where you get your svg files. I've never seen many of these before. My poor Cricut must be feel abandoned as I seldom use it if it has feelings..LOL

Hope to see you back soon I will be back often to check on you. "Hugs"

Lisa said...

OM Gosh... What a wonderful little card!!! I just love everything about it! TYFS!

scrappingjoy said...

thank you for stopping over and leaving a comment.