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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make over of Craft Room

I've been working on the make over of my craft room forever.(so it seems). I'm not really done yet because I want to add some floating shelves on the blank wall and do some subway art on the newly painted desk. Also thinking of doing some black vinly deco. on the walls. My color theme is yellowy walls decorated in black and white. It really looks nice now. A lot of hard work. When I started to unload the stuff in there I couldn't believe how much stuff I really did have. It took me time to do that because I sorted through the stuff and reorganized and got rid of other things that I don't use. It was all worth it in the long run.


K Blue said...

Wow! Your craft room is a wonderland! It looks really great!

scrappingjoy said...

Thanks. It seems like my room is always in progress. LOL I like it so much better than I had it before.

Anonymous said...

I love your room. I need some help
with mine. Wish I could do things like you can.