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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stylish blogger Award!!

I am so honored to recieved the Stylish blogger award. Yay, Thank you so much Liz !! I am so honoured! You must check out her blog. So in order for me to accept this award I need to pass the award onto another 8 stylish blogs and list 8 things about myself, so left the fun begin. Here goes!

1.) I love to do crafts expecially paper crafting.
2.) I'm planning a vacation of my hubby's dream to Alaska.
3.) I am addicted to trying new things especially in the crafting world.
4.) I'm looking forward to retiring soon so I can spend more time with family and crafting.
5.) I have two grown children and one great son-in-law! Love you Chris, Abby, and Daniel!
6.) I prefer to make things for others then for myself.
7.) I have a dream job of teaching special needs children and gifted children.
8.) I love giraffes!!

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1 comment:

Staying Crafty said...

It was really fun to read a little about you :) I was actually born in Alaska! *LOL* Although I don't remember being there. I love your positive attitude in your answers. I bet you are a really fun person to be around. I hope you enjoy your retirement! Thank you so much for choosing me to receive the award as well. I usually don't get them posted, but I do sincerely appreciate it :)