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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Ornaments

 Here is a sample of some of the many many ornaments I made this year. This is just a sample of what I made.   Most of them were $8 or two for $15 however some were only $5.    They all can be personalized, too with no additional cost.

I made many emoji ornaments.  These are two of them.  All were different.  

A snowman catching snowflakes of his tongue.  These were so cute and sold tons of them. 

Friendship bulbs.  These were only $5 each.  Many colors were available.  These were not personalized.                                                                                  

For those little ones that gained their wings too too early.   

 Some Christmas bulbs

Some People are worth melting for:  Inside were parts of a melted snowman.

Just couldn't resist in making an ornament to remember the beginning of my "craft name"  :) 

I had a customer order an ornament which I sadly have to say I messed it up.  To thank her for understanding my mistake I made her this ornament bc free of charge to help make it right.  :)  

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