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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hand Soap Personalized

I made these for a great group of ladies who provided an awesome Christmas Luncheon for my students. They have done this for well over 35 years and we are so grateful for their generosity.
These have a snowman inside them with the saying: Snowmany Thanks. These were stamped on transparency sheets with Stazon ink using Peachy Keen stamps. First I stamped them on the 'rougher" side but that was a BIG mistake even though it says to print on that side. When I put them inside the bottles the ink smeared. I had to empty out the bottles and refill them with new hand soap. What a bubbly mess! lol I found you MUST stamp it on the shiny smooth side. Then it won't smear once placed inside the bottle. Oh yes, you must remove the sticker from the outside and use goo begone to remove the sticky gunk.

I made two with black dogs and one with a frog for other special people. It is so easy and makes a very small gift to show your appreciation for all they give. You can put anything on it. Just roll up the transparency and slide it inside the bottle. Use the pump stick to get it into place. I love how they turned out. I made a total of 15.

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