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Friday, January 7, 2011

Scraproom 2011

This is my scrapping area. Many of my online friends, sisters, and sister in laws have asked to see it.  Its not actually called a room because the staircase is in this room although it has a door to close off the other rooms.  Its not big at all and I've tried to utilize the space as much as possible.  The bad part is there is a gun cabinet in here taking up a lot of space but there is no other room to put it in.  I really wish I had that space for more work area.  Oh well...  Can't have a perfect space.


I got three old black plastic cassette racks free while on vacation.  I had to haul them everywhere we went on vacation.  LOL   I painted them white and cut foam board to make shelves.   I love that I can adjust the shelves the way I want.  I have two here in the corner and one with my stamping supplies on it. THis is shown several pictures down.

The two vinyl sayings I have in my room are:
   Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Albert Einstein
  Creativity is intelligence having fun.   (by me)  :)
   I also have flowers and I LOVE MY BUG on the walls too.


scrappingjoy said...

Leaving a comment to myself to see if I get an error message.

Deborah said...

You have made great use of your space! Now I want to try to find cassette rack!
Thanks for sharing these pics.

scrappingjoy said...

Thanks Deborah.... Good luck in finding them. I love them!!