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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Berkey Honeymoon Scrapbook

This is my daughter's honeymoon scrapbook. After scrapping her wedding she asked me to do her honeymoon. I was THRILLED! I took the journal that she kept on their trip and typed up each Day's entry and included that in their book. My daughter writes so descriptive. I scrapped it by their daily activities. It was so much fun reading about their expereinces. It felt like I was actually there.

This last page is a place for them to reflect on their honeymoon and write about it.


Kel said...

Incredible! I love this and I'm sure they will absolutely love it.. How great of her to write things down, smart girl to have those memories written down. Great job.. thanks for sharing

scrappingjoy said...

I was so thankful she did keep a journal. Made it easier to do her book for her. I think its hard to scrap other's pictures especially when you haven't been there.