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Monday, June 21, 2010

Gift "Card" Purse

A very special friend told me that I could sell my cards and that she would buy some Thank You and Sympathy Cards. I decided to made a set of each for her. She has received them so now I'm free to post them. LOL She was surprised because she didn't have a clue that I was making them. It wasn't for any occassion just a THANK YOU gift for being such a GREAT FRIEND.

I made these adorable 'purses' to store them in. Very simple to make. I love how they turned out.

This set of cards are Thank You Cards.

These were seals that I placed in both Gift 'Card" Purses. I found them at BigLots.


Kate said...

These really are FANTASTIC Joyce!!

Vanessa said...

You did a great job on these!

BeeBeebabs said...

Very nice work tfs

gham said...

I adore the little purses that you created as boxes for your card assortments! Thanks for sharing!