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Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, but about who came and never left your side.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Personalized vinyl flags

Three flags for three sisters !  They loved them.  :)  Success

Personalized Coleman coolers

Personalized Coleman coolers I did for Christmas gifts. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Etched PhD glasses

I etched 35 glasses for a  celebration for my daughter's PhD graduation.  She did her research on salamanders thus the salamander.  They turn out very nice.  We are so PROUD of her. 

Burlap Christmas and Fall Wreath

This was my first burlap wreath.  I made it for Christmas but then transformed the same wreath into an all occasion wreath.     It was very easy to make and I love how it turned out.  

Etched wine glasses

Etched wine glasses I did for a customer order.  One says:  Wine me up and watch me Go   and the second one says:  Why limit Happy to an Hour?   Both of them have the fill lines that say  Done even ask, Bad Day, Good Day on them......                                           

Christmas stockings

I sewed these stockings a couple years ago when I had a "white" Christmas.  This year I decorated using a burlap theme so changed the stockings up a bit.  I covered the chipboard letters with burlap and added the greenery and ribbon.  Love how they look.     

Fall wooden scarecrow

This is my fall decorations.

Snowman personalized flag

Baby shower tags

Tags I made for my nephews baby shower that my sister used for her candy apples. 

Personalized etched dish

A Christmas gift I etched using my sand blaster for dear friends.  I made their favorite dessert in it and gave it to them.                                                                        

Royal icing cookies using stencil

These are my very first royal icing cookies.  I used a stencil cut from my Cameo to put on the center design.  I wanted to practice using this method before my daughter graduated.  I want to make her committee members a thank you package which will include the salamander cookies. (She did her research on salamander.)  She makes us proud.  She will have her PhD soon.  :)  I also did some Christmas cookies for the season.  :)                                             

Floating ornament

A floating ornament I printed out on transparency. 

Personalized Santa cookies and mug set

This is a set I did for a little boy's first birthday.  

Personalized wedding board

This was my very first PVPP (paint vinyl paint peel) method I ever did.  It was an customer order I did.  They were very pleased with it and so was I.  I was nervous trying it for a customer but it turned out great.  Love this method.  Can't wait to try it again. 

Floating sister ornaments

These are some cute ornaments I did for sisters.  The reaction I got was amazing.